Taiwanese TFT LCD panel makers are a good source when it comes to figuring out the numbers of slates and handsets to come. The China based white box makers are saying that Apple and Samsung together will ship 110 million tablets in 2013.


Other international vendors are expected to ship 50 million tablets during the current year and white box vendors could reach 100 million units. Most of the white box companies are based in China and they are expected to continue putting out huge volume orders to Taiwanese panel makers in the second quarter. AU Optronics, Innolux Corporation and Chunghwa Picture Tubes will be the ones to take advantage  of the orders in 2013, according to sources.

You shouldn’t hold your breath for the numbers mentioned above to come true, since a recent study regarding a possible conflict in South Korea has shown that everything could reach a massive standstill if a conflict happens. Hundreds of millions of slates and phones would be delayed, but let’s not assume the worst yet…