It appears that UK operators and retailers are going to exclusively start selling a new Nokia hero product that will be launched by the end of June. It will be a handset, it seems and Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop said that the manufacturer will take advantage of a positive quarter with high Lumia sales. Aside from the handset we may also see the phablet closer to the year end.


Nokia sold 5.6 million Lumias, an increase of 27% compared to the previous quarter and it’s heading for another growth in the next trading period, apparently. Speaking to analysts recently, Elop claimed that he’s looking forward to a partnership with an US carrier for exclusivity regarding a new hero device. No other markets were mentioned, but sources say that UK is also on the list. CFO Timo Ihamuotila didn’t reveal any details about the device, that’s rumored to be the Lumia 928, but we’ve heard that it may be accompanied by a phablet soon.

The phablet will be priced between 400 and 500 quid and it will be a 6 inch device, with Windows Phone 8 on board. Elop didn’t comment on any rumors about the device, but did admit that Nokia is experimenting with larger formats. I guess that HTC is the only big brand now left without a phablet and Apple too, of course…