It appears that tablet sales are not what they used to be, according to Best Buy CEO, Hubert Joly. He warns that these sales are crashing and somehow laptops are coming back, as users have found the limits of the “post PC” current.


This comes after Apple recorded its first important drop in iPad sales in the most recent quarter. Overall, the tablet demand dropped all across the industry, it seems. We talked last year about the tablet market saturation and I can only imagine it got worse from 2013 till now. Best Buy’s boss, blames the drop in sales on several factors, including the form factor, that has become too popular for its own good.

He also criticizes tablet makers for not giving owners a reason to upgrade. A good comment he made was that over the past year or so there hasn’t been a high degree of innovation as in the past two years. Meanwhile, full Windows laptops have gone to $300 as the new price point. 2 in 1 notebooks with removable screens are more flexible form factors that are biting into the tablet market share, with students being their target audience.

I guess we’ll let the back to school time frame decide if 2014 is a good or bad year for tablets…

  • Clive Mclean

    Nonsense! Best Buy tries its darnest not to sell a good sub $200 tablet, nor a sub 299 tablet outside of the Amazon or Google brands! This ploy to drive sales to their 399/499/599/699 and rediculously even higher priced tablets. They want unsuspecting consumers to think the higher priced units are their only options. On the other hand everyday people are purchasing reasonably priced tablets increasingly for the light entertainment consumption devices they are. That Best Buy is seeing next to non of this trend is poetic justice for their greed and dishonesty to the consumer they should be dedicated to serve. You won’t find the very reasonably price line Dells, HPs or Asus in a Best Buy store, though you will find the more expensive lines of these same quality brands. To your shame Best Buy! To your shame!