Russia has requested Apple and SAP to hand the Russian government access to their source code. The reason? They want to make sure the products are not tool used to spy on state institutions. This is yet another move regarding high end technology, in the ongoing attempt to stave American technology from taking over government and related areas in Russia.


Reuters reports that the Russian authorities want what may be considered some of the deepest Apple secrets, which surely won’t be provided to the Eastern nation. Meanwhile, USA and Europe debate regarding the sanctions imposed on Russia for their interference in Ukraine. Interestingly enough, Communications Minister Nikolai Nikoforov met with Apple’s general manager in Russia, Peter Engrob Nielsen to discuss the problem.

The Russian minister claims that the companies that disclose their source code have nothing to hide, but those who don’t may have “undeclared capabilities”. Interestingly enough, there’s no move towards China on this front and as far as I know, cases of hacking coming from that nation are more frequent than those originating from USA. It’s also interesting that Apple was targeted instead of Microsoft or even Google…