It’s been at least two years since the word “phablet” has entered our vocabulary, whether we liked it or not. It all started with the Samsung Galaxy Note, although if we really put our minds to it, I’m sure we can find a phablet or two released before that. Anyway, the word is now legit for this segment.


Call them PadFones, FonePads, Phoneblets or Phantablets and it won’t be as good. Expansys, a big UK retailer have officially adopted the term and even created a new category for it in their offer. This means that the term has gone mainstream and we’ll soon see ads and commercials based on this name.

The question is: where does a phablet stop and a tablet start? At 6 inches? 6.3 inches? Or is it just the form factor? I guess that the Galaxy Mega from Samsung may answer that, although it’s kind of confusing, since the device is promoted as… sort of a bigger phone. How will we navigate this confusion?