Chinese brand Livefan is preparing a new tablet for launch and this model is debuting tomorrow. Ahead of the announcement, the product has leaked on the web and it’s shown in the image below. There’s a mouse next to it, leading us to believe the product will interact with it.


This device seems to use a good looking plastic case and all the ports are gathered on a single side. I find the pins at the bottom to be really interesting, making me think of an accessory for wireless charging or maybe a special dock of sorts. It would also mean the tablet attaches to a keyboard dock. The product is a 10.1 incher with a 1920 x 1200 pixel display, two USB ports and the price tag is expected to be pretty affordable, perhaps in the range of $320 according to speculations.

Inside we’ll find an Intel Atom Z3370D processor and this most likely a Windows 8.1 model, after Livefan also debuted a Windows 7 tablet a few weeks ago. That model was the F2 and it had a Full HD 11.6 inch display, plus a similarly designed case and also colourful.