The tablet processor market is set to increase this year by 23%, or so says IHS in a recent release of predictions and analysis. The strong growth in the field will also increase competition from CPU suppliers.

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Intel has a big goal for 2014, becoming a big name among Android CPU makers, or at least so they want. They would have to go head to head with MediaTek and Qualcomm, who are two very well established companies in the field. Global shipments of tablet processors will reach approximatively 299.7 million units in 2014, up 23% from 243.1 million in 2013, said IHS.

Another boost is expected next year, when the volumes will spike 18%. By 2016 IHS predicts CPUs for tablets will go past the 400 million mark. Samsung is also in the game, making CPUs for themselves but also for Apple, as far as we know. Intel’s Bay Trail will be a big player this year and God only knows what Snapdragon beasts are to come.

In the meantime let’s hope that Nvidia’s Tegra K1 won’t have the same fate as the Tegra 4…