It appears that four in ten online US consumers owned tablets in December 2013, which is an increase of 6% compared to December 2012. That means that 44% of the online US consumers were tablet owners last month, an increase from the 38% in December 2012.


The information comes from the Consumer Electronics Association and it appears that 3 in 4 online consumers, which is 70% will be purchasing tablets in the future. Tablet owners put great emphasis on portability and viewing content and ownership is evolving towards the smaller diagonals. Current owners have increased their preference for 7 or 8 inch tablets from 25% ownership in June 2013 to 32% in December last year.

Ownership of medium screens, of 8.9 to 10.1 inches has decreased from 73% in June last year to 68% in December. As far as the actual tablet use is concerned, 66% of the owners use gaming apps, then they use weather apps (58%) and then social networking ones (51%). Over half of the slate owners have spent over 5$ for apps over the past month.

Revenue growth may have slowed for tablets, but unit sales will continue to increase steadily, says the CEA.