I don’t know how your unit of the Sony Tablet S came in the box, but mine came without an USB cable, that I find quite bizarre for such a modern gadget. Well, since it’s modern device, it might as well connect to the PC via wireless or something, but let’s leave chatter aside and proceed to the unboxing.

Inside this huge box I found a bunch of manuals, the tablet covered in plastic and the huge charger, made out of two pieces. The tablet looks quite nice, just like a folded magazine, as people described it. For a 9.4 inch slate I find it to be quite heavy and not at all thick. I appreciate the teardrop design, but the folded edge makes the physical keys hard to get to, in my opinion.

I caught a glimpse of the SE customization on the Honeycomb this model runs: some new apps, a new look for the app list, multimedia features that weren’t there before and minor UI tweaks. There’s also a golden boot animation instead of the Honeycomb blue one and… that’s about it for now. In the following days I’ll try to find out if this tablet can surprise me or not. Since it’s PlayStation Certified, I might as well have fun playing Crash Bandicoot on it.