The time to use an official Facebook for iPad app has finally come! After a long wait, teasing and leaks, the software is here starting from Monday morning. Both the iPhone and iPod Touch are supported by the new application, as well as the iPad.

The software is available for free, it comes in at 10.5MB space and it supports high resolution pictures, games chat and more, according to its creators. Rumor has it that both Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg were involved personally in the project of making this app, so I bet it rocks. Users on the iTunes page of the app have been complaining that they have problems with the sign in page or that the software keeps crashing if you have iOS 5.

Let’s hope that these were isolated case and that this isn’t a general feature. This is version 4.0 of the original Facebook app, that brings improved search and browsing, easier message sending, user-friendly bookmarks (placed in the left hand menu) and better security. You can also see who’s nearby by checking the Nearby map. Download link here.