It would appear that Samsung is preparing a foldable tablet for MWC 2014, judging by the sketch below. This is a bendable display on a tablet, a two part screen that can flex at 90 degrees.


There’s a rumor going around, saying that this unit will be shown in Barcelona, for demo purposes. This appears to be a pretty thick device, since it’s a prototype and the beginning of a new design trend, so such feats can be excused. It’s interesting to note that Samsung is expected to showcase more products of this kind at MWC, ones that can turn at up to 90 degrees and have a display bend freely.

Such plans have been confirmed even by a Samsung vice chairman last year, when he said that foldable devices are expected commercially from the company in 2015 or maybe earlier. Fragility is surely an issue here and I wonder if it can be overcome or not.