Apple has a new patent available, one related to the iPad and accessories attached to the tablet. The patent application published by the USPTO today shows a magnetic connector similar to the one employed by the Smart Covers.


This one is designed to be more flexible and allow attachments like gaming controllers, cameras or even other iPads. The smart connector system is able to recognize the attached peripheral and change its feature accordingly. In the documents we find supported gear like speaker docks, trackpads, keyboards, drawing tablets and card readers.

According to a review on FitnessAbout, iPads may also be linked together with a magnetic hinge dock, that connects to the smart magnetic link in each. This system could use electromagnets instead of standard ones, that can be turned on or off from iOS. These same magnets may serve to “lock” the device in a certain position or use mode. The patent also mentions in car mount for headrests and even connections to gym equipment like treadmills.