It’s been a while since a tablet maker tried to launch a sliding keyboard slate, usually opting for an accessory of this sort. Now a design from Netherlands brings back that niche segment through the Samsung Galaxy Tab Slide.

Samsung-slider-tablet concept

This is a thin Windows 8 slate that’s apparently based on some rumors that have appeared on the web lately. This concept tablet integrates a full keyboard at the bottom, that can be ejected and a special kickstand that props up the device. Inside we find 4 GB of RAM, a 6000 mAh battery and a quad core 2.3 GHz Qualcomm processor.

32 GB of storage, HDMI an USB ports and an 8 megapixel cam at the back round up the specs. We’ve got a 2.1 MP front camera, a USB 3.0 charging port and all of that is crammed into a Samsung tablet that measures 10 mm in thickness and weighs 683 grams. This feels like something that Lenovo would do, since we’ve seen them experimenting lately.