HP has been getting very cozy with Android over the past months, releasing a bunch of appealing devices with this OS on board. Now they’re preparing two newcomers, that have been spotted in benchmarks: a hybrid tablet and a phablet.


GFXBench has hints regarding these products, with the HP Browser 10 x2 resembling the Slatebook x2. This device is said to be a notebook/tablet hybrid , that packs a detachable keyboard setup, an Nvidia Tegra 4 CPU and a Full HD screen. The Slate 6 Voice Tab is expected to be a 6 inch phablet with voice support.


This sounds like a Samsung Galaxy Mega rival, if you ask me. This model doesn’t use a Tegra CPU, but rather a Marvell quad core 1 GHz CPU, with a Vivante GC1000 GPU. The screen resolution is 720p and the OS here is Android 4.2, while the HP Browser 10 x2 runs Android 4.3. The specs may change in the future.