Although we’re more prone to covering the Galaxy Tab S3 these days, it appears that the Tab S2 is also a topic of discussion today. The device has just received WiFi certification, in a version that has Android Nougat preinstalled.

The certification shows the OS, but there’s no trace of when the update is coming. We still expect it to arrive soon, perhaps before the spring time, as Samsung has been launching various updates for its handsets lately. The Galaxy Tab S2 has aged well, after being launched two years ago. Even today, the combo of 3 GB of RAM and Exynos 5433 can take the heat of upper midrange rivals.

Of course it can’t fight the iPad Pro, but it does have a pretty capable 9.7 inch screen with a 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution. Android Nougat should improve battery life, multitasking, organization of notifications and Quick Settings on this model, plus offer quick switch between apps and security updates.