Samsung was present at MWC 2012, even if you may have missed them, but they only brought products with minor improvements from their predecessors. Among them there was the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 slate, that has just reached the FCC, passed its tests and it’s headed to AT&T.

This is the direct sequel to the Galaxy Tab 10.1, that actually hit the FCC in the WiFi version weeks ago, but now the HSPA+ unit passed the tests. In case you didn’t know, the Galaxy Tab 2 will come in 7 and 10 inch versions that will be named confusingly Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7 and Galaxy Tab 2 10. Features include the same dual core Tegra 2 processors as the predecessors, plus 1GB of RAM and 16/32GB of storage. The design has been slightly changed, when it comes to speaker grills, in order to avoid and beef with Apple.

The biggest modification is the fact that the devices run Android 4.0 ICS from the box, which no other Samsung tablet is capable to do right now. Samsung may issue updates in Q2 for most of their slates, but they want to cash in seriously on the Galaxy Tab 2 till then. Will there also be a LTE version of the new Tab? We’ll have to wait and see…

  • I don’t believe that still Tegra 2 is the CPU, from what I have heard, it’s Samsung own Exynos with Mali400 GPU. Tegra 2 is a big poop and Samsung would loose buyers because many are angry with performance of Tab 10.1.

    Besides, what’s the point in reinventing the wheel if there is no improvement? I don’t care about ICS if Tegra 2 barely renders flash sites and movies.

  • JohnnyL53

    Over priced with a 2 year contract no doubt.