Amazon Kindle Fire will get their money’s worth not only through the content on the device, but also through its features, that have just been upgraded. A recent software update coming from Amazon brings some nifty tweaks on the slate, stuff like sharing, book extras, print replica texbooks and more.

Sharing was missing from the tablet initially, so you couldn’t share interesting portions of text like you did with some E-Ink devices out there. Now you can not only share but also rely on the Shelfari service for Book Extras, extra info related to the book that you’re reading. Amazon is also taking a stand when it comes to education, by supporting print replica textbooks, that may eventually evolve into something similar to Apple’s offering. The update also makes it easier for users to skim through long articles online, thanks to a special reading view in the Silk browser.

This one strips out all the bloatware and gives you pure text reading for information gathering. Other stuff that the update brings is WiFi fixing and a switch in time limit on movie rentals. Said limit now starts when it’s first played not when it’s downloaded. Obviously, this is not the most incredible update I’ve heard of, but Kindle Fire users may be happy with it. Pushing it to all the users will take a few days.