It appears you can’t make a successful ad for a tablet without mocking the iPad. Motorola did it, Toshiba did it, LG too and now Samsung does it (again). Some may say that it’s not an iPad we’re seeing in that image, but a look at that loading icon clearly reveals the Apple product…

Well, this clip emphasizes the connection speed of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and focuses less on dual core power, internal memory, design or others. Thus, this dual core tablet is able to reach speeds of up to 21Mbps, allowing the kid to play games online, browse the web without lag and check out HD YouTube clips.

Not quite sure about the need for HSPA+ when it comes to gaming on the tablet, since this is no HTC + OnLive combo, but hey, the marketing department has that figured out, right?

  • Deian Stancu

    That is not an Ipad, i’m so sorry, but not in a mile away. It is an ordinary tablet, a grey coloured such that Apple will never ditch the silver finish on their products. So the commercial is a stupid one, only showing a sign that looks like the loading time on an Apple product. So what if Samsung has 21mbps…. With its lag, I don’t care about a few mbps more, if the tablet is slow as a snail…

    With JB for Ipad 2 out, it makes the bitten apple even more appaling, now that the tablet is free from the garden of Jobs….nobody realizes that Android tablets were selling well because there weren’t a JB for the new Ipad.

    Now that it’s out, it will sell even better.