Still waiting for Toshiba’s Honeycomb tablet dubbed Thrive? Apparently, this model was on pre-order at Best Buy last month, but without a shipping date. Now, the device has been spotted in at least one Best Buy shop, after rumors about a debut on July 10.

We are talking here about a Best Buy in Austin, Texas and a lucky guy who wondered in the store and saw the working version of Thrive in a corner. The price tag for the 16GB unit is $479.99, that’s more than Amazon is charging the tablet on pre-order. Rumors are also claiming that the slate can be found in the 32GB version priced at $579.

We remind you that this is a Honeycomb 3.1 device, with a 10.1 inch high resolution LED screen, dual cameras, an easy grip cover, an USB 2.0 port and a HDMI one.