Supersized smartphones and tablets are no longer a thing of the future, since our pockets are bursting with the likes of Galaxy Note II and HTC Droid DNA. Now Samsung wants to increase the stake, preparing a Galaxy Note III that’s even bigger than its two predecessors, if recent rumors are to be believed.


The Note III is supposed to launch in 2013 and feature a 6.3 inch display, according to the same speculations. Korea Times is the one with the scoop, saying that the future Note will have a 6.3 inch OLED display, a pretty significant jump from the 5.3 inch Galaxy Note 1 and 5.5 inch Note II. Huawei is already bragging about bringing a Note II killer soon, so Samsung must preempt their strike. Another expect shift, other than the diagonal is the resolution, that will certainly jump to Full HD.

We also expect more RAM, maybe 3 GB and either a Cortex A15 dual core or quad core processor, plus a gigantic battery. LTE should also be here, as well as an even better pen than the S Pen 2 and obviously new versions of S Planner, S Note and all the package. And all of that in Fall 2013, probably…