We were guessing that Apple won’t stop at a single iPad Mini and next year they’ll showcase another version of the 7.9 inch tablet. And by doing that they’ll fill in all the blanks left by the first version. People complained about the screen resolution most and that’s exactly what Apple will upgrade, a feat also confirmed by a recent leak.


Apple is upgrading the pixel density of the iPad Mini to Retina levels next year. The rumors come straight from Digitimes, based on Taiwan and constantly communicating with suppliers. They’re claiming that backlighting industry sources have been talking about a next generation iPad Mini with a higher resolution screen. It find it hard to believe that it will be 2048 x 1536, since that’s too much for such a little tablet, so about 1200p should be enough, right?

However, Apple may as well surprise us with the Retina Display res of the iPad 3 on a much smaller frame. The new pixel density would beat even the iPad 3 and iPad 4 and would make the iPad Mini 2 a killer device, of course only in tandem with a killer CPU, like the Apple A6X or a surprising Apple A7. Fancy that?