We didn’t expect to see Samsung’s foldable phone appearing in such a finalized form, but here it is boys, courtesy of a brand new promo ad, that leaked online. You can watch it below, in its full glory.

Samsung is said to be unveiling the machine on February 20, when it takes the stage to give us details about the Galaxy S10 series. It’ll be an event in San Francisco, with all the hype you can imagine. The Galaxy Fold, as we call it appears in the promo, a pretty lengthy one too. After Samsung figured out the mistake, they quickly deleted the vid, but it was too late, as it was already reposted.

We see some serious gaming, with AR included and also video watching and productivity. Unlike the prototype from SDC 2018 in November, this one appears to be slimmer and has a larger screen, with narrower bezels. We see someone doing a baby screening on it and even some Minority Report style action, that doesn’t quite relate to the device. Interestingly, Samsung promotes it more folded, than unfolded

I have to say that even with this slimming down and sexier design, I still find the Xiaomi tri fold beast more appealing. How about you? Which one would you purchase, provided you found $1500 on the floor?

The phone is expected ot have a 7.3 inch folding display, with a 1536 x 2152 pixel resolution, which folds down to a 4.58 inch 840 x 1960 pixel panel.