After a successful Indiegogo campaign and an award at MWC 2015, Jolla’s tablet has turned into a beautiful product, that’s ready to ship. It all started with Sailfish OS on board and then Sailfish OS 2.0 was born, showcased at MWC Shanghai on an Intex phone. It’s also coming to the Jolla Tablet, that will be available soon.

sailfish OS 2.0 tablet

Jolla decided to issue a press release to make it clear what’s new in Sailfish OS 2.0, so people know what to expect. This release is the 17th Sailfish OS software update from Jolla, with lots of novelty. The primary one is the introduction of a new UI, fast and easy to use, as shown in the video below. The fluidity is incredible and seamless multitasking is now more effective.

This OS includes improved Android app compatibility, as well as browser experience. Sailfish OS 2.0 is meant for both phones and tablets and the platform was very appreciated on the Jolla Tablet, being one of the reasons for its awards. All the novelty and good things about Sailfish OS 2.0 were created via feedback and with the aid of the community and polls.

Jolla promises that in a few weeks early access customers will get a taste of Sailfish OS 2.0 and then every Sailfish user out there. At the core Sailfish uses Linux, so it’s stable and good for mobile devices. Open source is also an advantage. Buttons are obsolete in Sailfish, with a swipe system being used here. A swipe up from the bezel displays notifications, wherever you are in the OS. A swipe left or right goes back to the homescreen, basically an area for currently open apps.

A swipe down closes the current app and multitasking involves changing apps while running at the same time. You can pause music or a video without leaving your current app for example. The idea is to not even feel you’re multitasking. And that’s the future!