After a long period of teasing, RIM has finally shown the public its PlayBook email app, with contacts and calendars also included. We have no video of this feature, but luckily there are pictures below that you can stare at. BlackBerry Cool has the scoop on these screenshots.

Well, I have to say that RIM is a tad late at this game, since other tablet makers don’t take pride in simply making an email app available nowadays. People take email and Gmail for granted when they buy a tablet, so that’s why the PlayBook was so frustrating. It still sold decently and it wasn’t regarded as a flop, but also not as a huge success.

Meanwhile, RIM’s overall sales continue to decline, but at least we have the Black Friday discounts to ease them out of their huge stocks of leftover devices. With this app on its way, the updated QNX turned BBX coming soon, maybe the PlayBook tablet will finally get that decent experience that we’re waiting from every tablet out there.