Rabbids Big Bang is a game from the famous Rabbids series spawned by the Rayman title from many years and this time it’s available on tablets and mobile. We tested it on the iPad Mini, where you can get it for one dollar.


The title is a physics puzzle that resembles Angry Birds Space quite a bit and allows you to smack rabbids around with a bat. You’ll be throwing them into orbit and then you’ll have to obey the laws of gravity by hitting various orbits of planets and satellites. Then you’ll run into coins, cows, toilet paper and rocket fuel. The flying rabbid has a jetpack on his back and he’ll use that to thrust himself around into various directions.

You can use the coins you get after each level to buy new hats and costumes, plus upgrade your rocket power and bat power. You can also purchase extra fuel once you run out and you’ll certainly hear when you run out, since the white little creature starts farting. The controls are a bit messed up here and the whole launch process may feel bugged when you’re thrown straight into the planet.

We give this game a 7 out of 10, because it’s fun, but still bugged. You can download it from here.