Amazon wants to change the way we buy tablets, turning them into device we buy just like we do with juices, sandwiches or disposable cameras. Jeff Bezos and co want to make you purchase the Kindle slates from vending machines.


There was already a test of this initiative at CES, as a Kindle Kiosk was placed at the McCarran airport in Las Vegas. The airport staff claims that the machine has been installed earlier this week in preparation for CES. Among the products offered by it are the Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HDX, Kindle Paperwhite and the standard Kindle e-reader.

The machine sells covers and power adapters as well, but the process is not entirely hassle free. Apparently, the interface can hang up at some points during the process, say the people who tried it. There’s also no way to log into your Amazon account to complete the purchase. Is this the future for all device sales?