The Portuguese Professional Football League seems to have adopted Samsung tablets for their match reporting, after teaming up with the South Korean device maker . The slates will be used by the staff to compile and file official league match reports.


Till now forms were filled by hand and then copies were faxed to the league official board, pretty much like 20 or 30 years ago. This also meant that the reports reached their destination quite a while after the matches ended. Seeing how there are 42 teams in the top two Portugal professional leagues, this meant quite a bit of paperwork was flying around.


The partnership started in February and Samsung helped the officials digitize their operations using E-Liga, an electronic system for match reporting, that involves tablets and a custom app. I can’t make out what tablets are being used, but my guess is that they’re Tab S models, since those are the higher end and probably best selling in Samsung’s portofolio.