Windows 10 is everywhere nowadays, so why shouldn’t it be on a gaming tablet? One such model was the Exertis Linx Vision, a pretty fancy name for what appears to be a clone of a Razer tablet we’ve seen years ago.


Anyway, this model has a gaming controller attached, apparently inspired or related to the Xbox family. The product on display at BUILD 2016 streamed games from the Xbox One and let the user handle them using controllers. Games from the Windows Store can also be controlled in the same manner, from what I understood. Hardware specs of the device include an 8 inch 720p display, 2 GB of RAM and an Intel Atom CPU.

These aren’t exactly impressive and they’re complemented by 32 GB of storage, a 2 MP main camera and there’s also a price being thrown around, $215 for this unit. It’s not very clear when the product gets released and I wonder just how comfy those joysticks are…