Datalux Corporation announced this week a new rugged tablet, going by the name of Datalux TM110, that packs an 11.6 inch screen and is able to survive in hostile environments. The product can be dropped from a height of up to 3 feet and survive that without a problem.


This device packs a Core i5 or Core i7 processor, depending on user preference and it’s 3/4 inch thick. Weighing 2.8 pounds the slate has a HD screen with extra readability in full sunlight and can be used in tandem with a stylus. We’ve got WiFi 802.11ac offered here courtesy of an Intel solution, allowing for secure connectivity to access points or “in vehicle network devices”.

You will be able to connect via USB to car modems or connect to 4G LTE on the Verizon network. The same device comes with a backlit keyboard that can be attached to a special vehicle mount. GPS and extras are available, like barcode readers, RFID, smart cards and mag stripe cards. Datalux offers a 3 year freedom warranty protection and has TPM 1.2 for hardware security, as well as a Kensington lock.

From what I understood, the product is meant for police work.