Research in Motion, the guys behind the BlackBerry phones and tablet have recently hinted as possible showcasing of the latest version of PlayBook OS, that is version 2.0 at Mobile World Congress 2012. Let me remind you that this event starts next weekend and includes all the major tech companies unveiling fresh hardware and software products.

Recently there’s been a rumor (and leak) about a case with keyboard for the PlayBook and even a 10 inch version of the tablet. Also this week we got to see some leaked screenshots of BlackBerry 10 OS and now PlayBook OS 2.0 is the subject of discussions. In case you didn’t know RIM is very friendly with developers working on the tablet, especially those who port Android apps to it, since they get a free PlayBook unit to play with. A meeting at PCMag yesterday revealed that the new PlayBook OS will bring email, calendar, contacts and the support for Android apps to the BB tablet.

This update has been discussed before, but this time it looks like we’re going to see the real thing at MWC 2012 in Barcelona. We also expecting the software to be pushed sometime around Spring, if possible. Right now the PlayBook is priced at $199.99 at the Office Depot, if you want a taste of the original PlayBook OS experience. There’s also a 4G version coming and with the 10 inch one on the way things are starting to look interesting.