Two big pieces of news have influenced the gaming tablet landscape over the past weeks: some leaked info about the Nintendo NX project proceeding, with patents included and NVIDIA’s canning of another Shield Tablet model.


Even NVIDIA quoted “business reasons” for giving up on the project and it seems that Nintendo may have influenced the decision. Nintendo NX is said to have the same hardware as the cancelled NVIDIA Shield. Rumors mentioned that the creator of Mario took into account using AMD CPUs, but in the end went with NVIDIA’s Tegra solution.

NVIDIA did try hard to get into the hands of mobile gamers, but they were far from the traction of the iPads, even the iPad Minis by comparison. Limited availability of the games was a problem, the high price tag too and the battery was not impressive. Nintendo may solve all of those problems and throw in a cool control system, plus some exclusive titles.

Their release is expected in March next year, with augmented reality features also included.