Edward Zarick is a prominent name of the modding community and his latest project involves modifying an XBOX One S and turning it into a sort of mega laptop. It’s called the XBOOK One S and wants to be a relative to the Surface Book, we think.


The notebook keeps all the hardware of the latest XBOX, including the chipset, storage, Blu-ray reader and it also gets a LCD 19 inch screen with a 720p resolution. That one is mounted on the base, that’s not too shabby looking and quite old school, to be honest. There’s no battery inside, so we are required to connect the laptop to a power source.

On board there’s also a HDMI out port with with support for a 4K display. Zarick claims that he can build such gear on demand, with two versions available: one with 500 GB of storage at $1495 and one with 1 TB at $1545. If you supply the console, the price goes to $1195. I have to say that this is not a very portable rig, so you’d best have a big bag for it