Android may be leading the tablet market all over the world, but it has been losing share to the Windows models, on account of the expansion of 2 in 1 slates. They still have a foothold in some regions, like Japan for example, where Android models are actually predicted to grow.


That info comes from a June 2016 report from ICT Research and Consulting and also shows that tablets running iOS and Windows will grow too, but Android will be the leader. Over the course of the fiscal year 2016 Japan is expected to register 4.1 million Android tablets shipped, which is 400k more than the iPads.

This evolution will be constant through 2017 and in 2018 the distace between Android units and iPads will be half a million models. A third of Internet users in Japan, ages 20 to 59 owned tablets in March 2016, a bump up from the 20% who owned a device back in June 2013.

eMarketer also estimates that there will be 33.7 million tablet users in Japan in 2016, 26.6% of the whole population of the country and 3 million more will be added in 2017.