Nvidia and Verizon Wireless recently demoed an Internet tablet with support for full HD video and 4G connectivity. The device is based on Nvidia Tegra and incorporates a 4G LTE modem made by Motorola. The cooperation between the US carrier and the maker of the Tegra solution was strengthened through the demo held at the Center for Innovation setup by Verizon Wireless, in order for companies to mess with 4G LTE technology.

This tablet is able to view full HD content and, for example, thanks to its speedy connection and long battery life, it can view hours of YouTube HD content with a single charge. Verizon intends to build a 4G LTE network in the States and then expand to 25-30 more countries in 2010, with Motorola providing wireless modem and data cards for new products like this tablet.

ICD has created the device pictured above and dubbed Ultra, in cooperation with Nvidia, Moto and Verizon.

[via mobile review]