The NVIDIA Shield Tablet K1 has just been updated, with some solid audio tweaks and more extras, that are detailed below. Android is known for its audio latency, that made audio editing apps basically impossible on the platform. Marshmallow solved that with a pro audio requirement last year and now the NVIDIA Shield Tablet K1 meets said requirements, courtesy of the update.


The Android 6.0 Professional Audio requirements involve low latency acoustics, meaning that there should be a less than 20 millisecond continuous round trip, as well as USB Host and Peripheral modes. Them there’s the requirement of MIDI output over USB and Bluetooth LE, as well as 24 bit at 192 kHz stereo and 7.1 HDMI output.

The same software release for the slate brings the option to choose between centered or split navigation buttons. The Shield Tablet K1 is the second Android slate to get the feature, that first came with the Google Pixel C last year. Fixes and enhancements are also included for touch gaming and high end gaming, as well as the June security patch.