enTourage eDGe dualbook made its debut @ CES 2010 last week, being a combo between a dual screen laptop and e-book reader, complete with academic texts. The latter are available via the eDGe book store, thanks to deals with publishes McGraw Hill, Oxford University Press and John Wiley & Sons.

The device’s maker also made a deal with BlackBoard, an e-learning platform that allows students to share notes, textbook annotation and content.

enTourage’s product will benefit from top selling education titles from disciplines ranging from business to math, foreign languages, social sciences and humanities. The deal with Oxford press incorporates the Oxford American College Dictionary onto the dualbook, allowing its users to search for definitions of words or phrases.

eDGe is priced at almost $500 and it’ll make a brilliant tool for students, since it’s much more than a netbook and certainly more than Amazon’s Kindle.

[via Crunchgear]