Everybody wondered why Nintendo decided to delay the Switch console till 2017, instead of launching it in 2016, as promised. One theory talked about VR integration as the reason for the delay, but that didn’t come through, since the slate doesn’t sport it. However, the device may still get it in the future.

A recent interview that the Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima gave hinted at the possibility of adding VR to the Switch. He said that if Nintendo is able to solve the issues with playing VR for long hours, the feature will be a go. Last year we also learned that Nintendo was looking into VR and AR, after the success of Pokemon GO.

Another problem is that the Nintendo products, unlike some of the PlayStation and Xbox ones are meant more for kids rather than teenagers or adults. The VR safety for kids isn’t yet clear, especially after long periods of use. It would be nice to have VR on the console-tablet, either via a future software update or via an attached accessory, who knows?

It will be interesting to see how a potential headset will be powered, either separately or from the console, that doesn’t exactly have a huge battery life.