Nintendo recently announced 25 billion yen loss for last year, on account of the poor demand for the Wii U console. That determined the company officials to consider switching strategy to a new business model, that may be focused on mobile games.


The Japanese company has iconic characters like Zelda and Mario in its portofolio, but their games can’t sell that well if people aren’t buying their consoles anymore. Nintendo could go the way of SEGA and only sell software products and licenses. They would make a ton of money using the Mario series on Android or iOS and also the Zelda series, but are they ready?

Nintendo is a conservative and traditional company, that doesn’t like change very much. Casual gamers have migrated from the fun experience of the first Wii to the Angry Birds, Kinect and Candy Crush of today. There’s still that thing that no company has done yet: a tablet with a Wii-like experience…