If you ever wanted to closely compete with your friends in an Angry Birds session via Facebook, Angry Birds Friends is the way to do it. The idea is simple: you get 6 new levels each week and the highest scores you get will be compared to the ones of your FB friends.


As you progress and become champion or reach the podium every week, you’ll get Bird Coins, that you’ll spend on powerups. Such powerups include a huge Wingman bird, basically the huge red bird in a more powerful version. There’s also a scope sight for the birds, an earthquake powerup and the ability to strike faster and stronger.

You can also send gifts to your friends and also invite them to an Angry Birds session. For those of you wondering, we reviewed the game on the iPad Mini tablet. As you can see there’s a score area on the right side of the screen and the levels are shown in a more zoomed out way. The game is available for free, gets an 8 out of 10 from us and you can download it from here.