Chipmaker Intel held a conference call regarding revenues this week and announced an interesting release in Q2 2014. The news came from Intel CEO Brian Krzanich himself, who said that Android tablets with Bay Trail CPUs will be coming in Q2.


He also praised 64 bit chips, even though right now even the Bay Trails on Windows tablets are limited to 32 bit, in spite of the OS ability to go 64 bit. Intel’s quad core Atom chips will come to Android slates next quarter and this was a last minute decision, not a calculated move inside a roadmap. This is proved by the lack of Android Bay Trail prototypes at CES 2014.

Intel’s CEO also said that the chip maker’s partners are preparing 64 bit devices and OSes, that will be the driving force behind future mobile devices. Back in November last year Intel demoed the first 64 bit kernel on a Bay Trail Android device, so it can be done. One of the advantages of 64 bit processing is among others the ability to address more memory, more than the 4 GB limitation of 32 bit CPUs.