Adobe’s professional editing software dubbed Lightroom may hit the iPad soon, in the latest attempt to make all professional software portable. The mobile software has been recently listed with a $99 cloud subscription, that can be renewed yearly.


The tagline for this product is “Take Lightroom anywhere”, as Adobe itself says. The support employees from Adobe claim that the app has been designed for the iPad from the ground up and it comes with many of the features of the desktop version. This piece of software is used for post production work, allowing one to edit and manage volumes of digital imagery.

This can also be done with the Apple Aperture software, but this is a solid alternative. Lightroom for mobile has been in development for many months now and a concept of it for the iPad was shown back in May last year. The application is cloud based and it was initially designed to complement the features of the full Lightroom software.

The app is supposed to edit raw photos imported from a camera, implement exposure changes, mess with shadows, clarity and white balance. The changes you make in the app sync with the desktop version of the software. However, even at this time we have no idea when the product will launch.