Another day, another leak related to the Samsung foldable phone. This time has created a set of renders for the device, showing it in all of its splendor. It’s also slimmer and more compact than the previous leaks.

Expected on February 20, together with the Galaxy S10, the device now folds flat and it’s no longer segmented like the Surface Book hinge. The product is quite slim to be honest, apparently on account of a new polarizer filter, which is 45% thinner. Samsung discussed that during a recent developer conference. Bezels are narrower all around the machine.

The idea of a 7.3 inch device still remains available, with a 1536 x 2152 pixel resolution in the mix, able to fold in two and deliver a 4.58 inch diagonal for a smartphone. The handset is supposed to have two batteries and it’ll cost a bunch. We’re not very sure about the number of cameras on board. We hear about a triple back camera, but we could also see it taking the role of a selfie camera, since there’s no room for a selfie shooter upfront.

The price is said to be around $1800 and there will be a core 8 GB RAM/ 128 GB storage model, plus a 512 GB version. These are mere renders, so you shouldn’t read too much into them. I expect the real thing to be wider and maybe even slimmer… plus with a clearer degree of separation between screens.