Yesterday the web was abuzz with news that the iPad 3 gets overheated after some time of use. Apple replied by saying that the slate is in the normal thermal specifications and today Consumer Reports decided to take the tablet for a spin and give us the results They found that the new iPad reaches 116 degrees when running games.

In the images above the high temperature is shown in red and orange. The degrees above are in Fahrenheit measurements and they’re way hotter than the iPad 2, that’s for sure. The tests were done using a thermal imaging camera and handling them were Consumer Reports engineers, who certainly know what they’re talking about. iPad 3’s front and rear reached such temperatures when playing Infinity Blade II. Meanwhile numerous consumers are reporting such overheating issues and I’m sure at some point Apple will maybe release a case for that purpose, like they did with the iPhone 4.

The tests were ran by Consumer Reports with the iPad 3propped on the Smart Cover, plugged in and after running Infinity Blade II for 45 minutes or so. The 4G connection was not turned on, but the WiFi was, just so you know. Also, the room temperature was 72 degrees, in case it matters. When the device was unplugged, similar tests showed a temperature of 113 degrees Fahrenheit, so it only reaches 116 degrees when plugged. It’s important to notice that the highest temperature areas were concentrated near one corner of the display, as shown in the image above.

Finally, the guys of Consumer Reports say that even with this temperature holding the slate in the hands while at its hottest is not an uncomfortable feeling, so there you have it naggers…