Intel only offers a few Intel Bay Trail chips for tablets right now, including the Atom Z3770, Z3740 and Z3740D models. Apparently they have more coming, according to the leaked roadmap below.


PadNews is reporting that the product roadmap shown here comes from equipment maker Emdoors. They accidentally spilled the beans on the upcoming Intel chips, including models like the Intel Atom Z3775 processor family, destined for 10 inch and larger slate models. Prices start at $200 for these large tablets and there’s also an Atom Z3735 destined for 8 inch tablets with prices of $100 and up.

We’ve already seen a Bay Trail chip in action on the ASUS Transformer Book T100 tablet that we reviewed and we were very happy with it. It’s closer to Intel Core i3 level and the slate offered us over 12 hours of usage. This means we get both good power and good consumption, so it’s a very good deal.