Since it’s winter basically, people will be crawling up under their sheets and binge watching Netflix. That’s why more and more offers related to the streaming service are popping up. Now there’s one related to Chromebooks, so buyers of Google Chromebooks will get to binge watch Netflix for free for 6 months.

Those buying a Google Pixelbook or Samsung Chromebook Plus or Pro, get free Netflix for 6 months. These are actually good devices to watch shows on, thanks to the more generous diagonal compared to a tablet and the lighter format compared to a full fledged Windows 10 laptop. The offers is available till December 31st 2017 and it offers the mid tier Netflix offer, the one usually priced at $10.99 per month.

It lets you stream Netflix on two screens at a time, plus offers HD video and access to downloads on devices, so you can save episodes or movies for offline watching. The usual TOS is available and the offer is obviously not redeemable by cash. Even if Netflix increases the price, you get the equivalent value of the new price plan. Basically, you get a $65.94 bonus.

Chromebooks have evolved a lot over the past year, getting Android app support, Google Assistant and Microsoft Office apps. The offer is available here.