If you’re familiar with the title CityVille, you must be familiar with MyTown 2, since they have the same basic concept. You need to build houses, community buildings and businesses and get profit out of them to develop your town. This title is location based and you’re basically rebuilding your own neighborhood, if you want.

Each shop in the town will have to be attached to a real life business and one that’s close to the player in real life. That’s done with the location capabilities of the device, a very cool concept. MyTown 2 is able to recognize businesses around you and shows them in the game, according to what they offer. Let me give you an example: if the game spots a bakery nearby, it will probably integrate it in the game as a coffee shop for some reason. Bike shops are seen as retail outlets, so not everything is precise.

The businesses produce money and the game has push notifications, so you’ll know when you cash in. You can unlock remodeling options to change the look of buildings and shops/restaurants. Basically, if you want a comparison, imagine that FourSquare was united by CityVille. One of the setbacks of the game is the initial loading time, that’s pretty long, but it’s all made up by the great styling of the game and graphics, plus accurate touch controls. Cheats of the game and details are shown in the video below and the game can be downloaded from here and using the QR code below.