Armando Ferreira is a guy doing great tutorial videos and showcasing some great new devices and today he’s picked the Nexus 7 to demo, with some special features. He chose 7 things you MUST have on your Google Nexus 7 tablet, including apps, customizations, widgets and more. So, let’s see what he recommends.

First of all he recommends Groove IP, an app that allows you to call people using your own Google number. He is using the lite version of the app, that seems to work great and has great call volume and audio quality. Next, he shows some gaming emulators, including ones for SNES, Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64 and PlayStation. He plays the classic game Contra, using virtual controls, that work great, as shown in the video. Next up comes Beats Audio installer, that needs root access.

With this one you can install the needed function that brings up the Beats settings, present on HTC phone usually. And towards the end of the video we get to see an app that allows you to implement some extra connectivity buttons in the notification bars and not only connectivity ones. Nova Launcher is also on the list, if you want to customize your experience. More of that in the video below: