The most popular tablet in the world right now is without a doubt the Nexus 7. The slate has been reviewed, detailed, dissected and tested in all the ways you can imagine. Now it gets a teardown treatment from, that you can watch below, if you want to know what’s inside the device. The slate has pretty good build quality, in spite of those first negative hands on impressions.

Now the guys who did the teardown are saying that a brutal fall could do serious damage to the device. Obviously you shouldn’t start opening your slate if you don’t know what you’re doing, unless you have $200 to spare. Just for comparison sake, the Nexus 7 is 10.4 mm thick, compared to the 9.4 mm iPad. Most of the room inside the tablet is taken up by the 4325 mAh battery, a 16 Wh unit that provides 9 – 10 hours of fun. The battery is pretty easy to remove, with only a bit of adhesive found around the metal frame.

The device has an L shape motherboard assembled by kaizentechnology, that’s filled with connectors and screws, easy to take apart with some pro tools. Inside the slate there’s 1 GB of H5TC2G83CFR DDR3 RAM, the same type of memory found in the MacBook Pro with Retina Display. At the top left of the motherboard there is one of the two microphones and on the motherboard we find the Nvidia T30L Tegra 3 CPU, Max 77612A inverting switching regulator, the AzureWave wireless module, a Broadcom GPS receiver and an NFC chip plus an Invensense gyro and accelerometer.

More details in the video below: