Although it’s not exactly our field of expertise, it would appear that Motorola has a smarwatch planned for the future, but the really interesting part is the 6 inch phablet they also have planned.


As you know, two days ago Google sold Motorola to Lenovo and the Chinese outfit will inherit Motorola’s upcoming products, stuff like the smartwatch and 6 inch phablet included. It’s safe to assume that the 6 incher will run Android and that it will have high end specs, maybe even a 2K resolution, that should be fashionable by 2015.

Moto also has plans for a future Moto X and judging by their latest approved patents, there’s also a tablet or two in the pipeline. Since Lenovo launched quite a bunch of tablets last year, I’m expecting they’ll keep the trend with Moto attached to them and maybe using some of their know how.