Motorola’s tablets, the Xoom and Xyboard weren’t exactly hits, although they looked cool and were marketed in a pretty cool way. Well, Moto is now up to the task again, so it’s ready to tackle more big screen slates, but only after Lenovo completely takes over.

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Motorola hasn’t been active in the tablet market for at least 2 or 3 years, ever since the Xyboard models, that were partially waterproof and made using a special material, if I remember well. Motorola and HTC are probably the biggest phone makers that gave up tablets fast, even though the battle in this segment was just starting. While HTC will use the Nexus 9 tablet as its big comeback, Motorola is also prepared to release new tablets in the future.

We’re talking about the future that involves Lenovo’s control over its operations. The acquisition of Motorola will be finalized by the year and seeing how Lenovo is a very big Android tablet player, they may implement their unusual Yoga formats into the Moto tablet DNA. There’s also talk about a dual strategy, with the same tablets being released as either Lenovo or Motorola products, depending on the region they’re available in.

I’m pretty sure Motorola won’t release a Windows tablet anytime soon, focusing on Android initially.